A beginner’s guide to NBA Live Mobile

One of the most important things in NBA Live Mobile is knowing how to control players when taking part in a match. This may sound obvious but there are many who neglect this aspect. There are eight game moves and mastering them all will surely increase success chances. There are plenty of video guides that show how to perform moves. There is also the auto play feature that can be a real time saver. It’s up to players when they decide to let the NBA Live Mobile AI handle the match. Auto play can be switched off at any time.

Team setup and players’ quality are important elements that can tip the scales. The best thing new players can do is just channel their resources and skills into team upgrade. It’s a good idea to hold onto players and not list them on the auction house. All players are valuable for a newbie. This is also a good time to start getting used to the auction house because that’s the place to acquire basketball players. Prices will vary but players with an OVR rating of at least 70 that sell for 500 coins or less are a good investment. Using the search filters is a good way to look for bargains and to decide on a selling price.

Completing achievements is a rewarding activity. NBA Live Mobile has many achievements that can be completed without much hassle. The rewards for completing achievements include coins and card packs. Achievements can be earned while playing Season mode which is another profitable activity. Players will not only progress towards completing certain achievements but they will also obtain coins. New players shouldn’t worry too much about completing sets. Like all NBA Live Mobile activities, sets also come with a reward but that can be pretty costly. New players are better off spending their coins for team improvements rather than set completion. Friendly matches are a good way to experience social interaction and to practice moves. These are unranked matches that can be played between friends.


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